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Dr. Leena

Immunization portal


Immunization App & Portal:

Guided by the passion to ensure ’100% Protected Motherhood, 100% Protected Childhood’ for each and every one, Meesha Healthcare & Research Pvt. Ltd has developed an Immunization App that works on iOS as well as Android and helps every pregnant lady to monitor her own requirements of immunization as well as, after birth, requirements of her child. is a portal where parents, doctors, schools as well as hospitals may enroll to register expectant mothers as well as children to get free services for reminders of vaccinations due.

Dr Leena - Immunization Alert Dont play with your child’s health, by missing immunization. Register with us for free email and SMS alerts about immunization needed.

One may gift these reminders to near and dear so that they do not miss any of the schedule of immunization as proclaimed by WHO or as decided by baby’s Pediatrician.

Meesha MedNet:

A new venture of Meesha Healthcare & Research, it aims at setting up a network of medical professionals like radiologists and physicians and others on one hand and of medical service provider institutions like diagnostic centers, hospitals etc. on the other hand. Expected to be launched towards the end of the current year, it should be a boon for professionals, medical organisations as well as patients. Providing teleradiolgoy services as SAS (Software As Service), it will be a unique aggregation of all professionals and institutions.