Diagnostic Center in Mahalaxmi


With advances in medical science, both preventive and curative, it is critical that a family all-in-one doctor, whom one could trust for expert yet friendly and loyal advice, makes way for a family all-in-one polyclinic, where experts from various branches advise you while maintaining a soothing, warm atmosphere and a trust-worthy relationship. This polyclinic should also be inclusive of diagnostic services, as these are becoming indispensable for medical diagnosis and treatment.

With this understanding, "Meesha" opened the Family Polyclinic and Diagnostics Centre right at the heart of Island City Mumbai on September 1, 2014. It was a labour of love for all of us, and it was appreciated, and love and faith were showered on the centre by everyone who visited it once. This has given us confidence, and we have grown with the expansion of our services to include CT, BMD, laser, etc. on the equipment front and minor OT (procedure room) on the service front. Our panel of expert doctors has grown and now covers most of the specialties. The area of operation has more than tripled to provide ample room for each service. We laboured to become the first place to visit for families in and around the area whenever they were in need of medical services, and our repeat clientele has proven that we were successful in becoming one.

In addition to providing quality services for the medical needs that arise without warning in any family, we wish to spread that, with the advent of technology and the help of modern equipment, it is possible to detect any medical problem right at its inception. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the most important asset for your family—your own health. Gift them an assurance: periodic check-up using non-invasive methods are a must, not an unnecessary luxury. Do it, and unplanned forced visits for health reasons will melt away. For this, we have designed scientific and specific age and sex executive health packages. Family cards and packages are designed to ensure you find in us a medical guardian who is ethical, smiling, and always around in need. Pre-employment check-up are offered to companies.

All of these services are provided by highly experienced and well-known medical practitioners affiliated with top private and government hospitals, with the assistance of well-trained and welcoming professional staff working hard to provide every visitor with a homelike and effective experience. Our greatest assets are these specialists and our dedicated staff. They are provided with cutting-edge technology machines and apparatus, which are managed by skilled technicians who keep up with the technological world. The organisation is equipped with the latest IT gadgets like servers, Wi-Fi, computers, printers, and scanners.

We have corporations, banks, insurance companies, TPAs, and housing societies on our client list and have been serving them and all families in and around faithfully. Here is a place where you will find ethics delivered along with health.