Pulmonary Function Test

Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are a group of tests that measure how well your lungs work. This includes how well you are able to breathe and how effectively your lungs are able to bring oxygen to the rest of your body.

Pulmonary-function technologist Performs pulmonary function, lung capacity, diffusion capacity, and blood-and-oxygen tests to collect data for use in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary disorders by a physician.

PFTs are also known as spirometry or lung function tests.

Why are these tests done?

Our doctor will order these tests to determine how your lungs are working. If patients already have a condition that's affecting their lungs, our doctor may order this test to see if the condition is progressing or how it is responding to treatment.

PFTs can help diagnose:

Preparation for pulmonary function tests?

It's important that patients don't eat a large meal before testing. A full stomach can prevent the patient's lungs from inhaling fully. Before the test, the patient should also avoid caffeine-containing foods and beverages such as chocolate, coffee, and tea.Caffeine can cause the airways to open. The patient should also avoid smoking and strenuous exercise before the test.

Be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing to the test. Tighter clothing may restrict patient breathing. The patient should also avoid wearing jewellery that might affect their breathing. If you wear dentures, wear them to the test to ensure that your mouth can fit tightly around the mouthpiece used for the test.